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Artist Statement

I grew up around the artists, writers, painters, potters, candle makers, musicians and ranchers of Big Sur. My mother was a watercolorist, my father a writer. Everywhere I looked, art surrounded me. Humans created it; deer, rattlesnakes, and black widow spiders inhabited it; the Big Sur landscape sang it out; with mountains careening straight down, in fog or sunshine, into the Pacific waves that hurled themselves against stark rocks in a great chorus of ocean hosannas.

Years later I found myself in New England, with the pristine architecture of white houses, dark green shutters, and church spires in sharp contrast to the wild, untamed land of Big Sur. Here I raised children, started and stopped a marriage, ran my own company for eleven years, plowed through a doctorate in Human Development and Creative Studies at University of Massachusetts.

Through it all I have written poems, short stories, started novels, essays, published articles, a children's book and even have that ultimate writer's plum: an agent and a second published book:

When I decided to market this book over the Internet, I ended up learning so much that I found myself helping artists from all over the world.

Without meaning to, I became a coach.

Most people go looking for a career, but mine came looking for me. As it turns out, my deepest passion - to light inspirational fires for the world - is most satisfied when your questions, problems, and conundrums ignite my creative thinking. Then I can pass the torch to you, so you can pass it onto your audience, and we all keep the creative flame alive.

Now, I end up here, with you, hoping that all I have learned to love about career and presentation strategies may serve you as well as it has served me.

May your artist statement, along with a new awareness of how to sing your art into the world, open up many fruitful connections between you and the essential, creative work that you do.

May your desire to bring your work fully into the world lead you to find the support, and the kind of savvy, hip help that every committed artist deserves.


Ariane Goodwin, Ed.D. holds a doctorate in Human Development and Creative Behavior from the University of Massachusetts. As a coach, writer, and creative thinker, she specializes in working with creative professional to develop their careers and present their work with fewer struggles and more credibility.

Her writing appears online and off, in fine art, ceramic, sculpture and surface design publications in the USA & Canada. Her seminal book for artists - Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work - has been widely recommended, from the President of the Federation of Canadian Artists to the Career Center for the Boston Museum of Fine Arts School.

Dr. Goodwin has directed art programs for an urban recreation center; led drama, movement and writing workshops for children and adolescents; taught at the Loveland Academy of Fine Arts; and is a keynote speaker at national art conferences.

As a writer, coach, and entrepreneur, who grew up in a family of artists, Ariane understands and integrates these three, different sensibilities into a working whole.

And she has a question for Visual Artists, Craft Artists, Musicians, Dancers, Actors and Performers of All Stripes:

Are Career & Presentation Materials
Part of Your Art Supplies?

Helping Creative Professionals
present themselves and their work
with the right materials, at the right time,
to the right people.

Are you doing what you love and is it supplying enough?

Do your art supplies include materials designed for professional success?

You wouldn't dream of choosing lousy art supplies, an inferior instrument, or a cement dance floor... so why would you settle for less when it comes to basic, professional resources?

Getting your work done is Part I...

Part II is putting it out there.

With an open mind, you can learn sensible strategies designed to attract everything you need for professional success. Other kinds of professionals do it all the time, why not you?
As basic as good art supplies:
Give yourself the Best Presentation & Career Resources an artist can find...


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