You are a creative professional who has
invested in great art supplies.
and you're doing the work.

So what's missing?

If you are highly motivated and determined to put your work in the world.if you feel in your bones what it would be like to thrive and are not afraid of rolling up your sleeves and starting to climb.then you might just be ready to slip on a backpack of career 'art supplies' and climb to the top.

See how many of these feel like you.

  • You've been working at a good day job for years, doing art "on-the-side," and now you're ready to come out of the closet and fly - only, where's East in the art world?
  • You've got it all: perfect art supplies, a good studio, your technique down pat, and finally a body of work. But you aren't sure how to present yourself or your work successfully in an overcrowded market.
  • Getting into a gallery makes sense, but which one? Maybe there are other options, if you only knew what they were.
  • Everyone says you need a web site, but you're not sure why, what it will cost, or what to do first. And you certainly never thought of it as a way to make money...
  • You already have a website,but it's just sitting there, looking pretty. Shouldn't it be working harder for you?

I just sold 3 paintings! One buyer told me how my artist statement made her realize she needed to purchase one of my works! My statement is having immediate results that I never anticipated. Thanks! –M. DeMarco, visual artist
  • You love what you do, but organizing and implementing marketing & business stuff gives you a headache.
  • You've put off writing an artist statement as long as possible, but now you're applying for a grant, a show, a position in the arts and they want one!
  • A gallery has asked for your portfolio.what portfolio? You haven't even found a good photographer for slides!
    (You're're planning to shoot it yourself?)
  • You spent a fortune on a stack of brochures, now gathering dust on your studio floor.

Wow! This is fantastic. The documents are uniform, intelligent and have a personal touch. Working with you was energetic, comfortable, and encouraging. I highly recommend you to anyone stuck on any part of their career.–Bruce Fowler, sculptor
  • You are:
    • Appearing in a book, article, or catalog
    • Having a one-person or group show
    • Designing a brochure, business card
    • Being interviewed
    • Speaking about your work
    • Writing an article or book
      (or would like to)
  • You've been working all your life in a day job, but now your artist self cries "Enough!" Where do you start?
  • You've been at it for years, fairly successful, are in several galleries, in a handful of collections, but you're ready for more. What's the "more?"
  • You worry about your professional credibility.
    if you should keep your day job.and the health cost of living off of peanut butter.
If Ariane can help me look this good, imagine what she can do for you! –Jerry Crowe, wood artist
  • You realize that your work is a business waiting to happen, but the idea of business makes you feel faint. Or you know enough to can't do it alone.
  • You know that investing in art supplies, but not in your art career is out of balance and costing you more in the end
  • You've spent years becoming a mini-expert about a specific art technique, or maybe something you think is unrelated (gardening!).wouldn't you like to know how to turn that knowledge into a stream of passive income? To REAP WHILE YOU SLEEP™?
  • You are smart enough to know that more brains are better than one, and are willing to seek out help

Let me help you develop the perfect
strategies to put what you do and know
into the world.

Here are 2 Basic Ways to do just that.
My thought is that you check these out.


Ariane truly understands the creative process. I found myself using her suggestions, which affirmed and deepened my knowledge of what my artwork is all about. I gained insight into my own creative process and came out with material for self-promotion. I highly recommend her. –Tom Wyatt, photographer

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As basic as good art supplies:
Give yourself the Best Presentation & Career Resources an artist can find...

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