The book has been great fun. I did the exercises with a group of friends and we saw so much inspiration in each other and ourselves. It was quite surprising.–Penelope Sienna, Australia


I recently sold 3 paintings! My statement is having immediate results, which I never anticipated. One buyer told me that my artist statement made her realize she needed to purchase one of my works! Again, thank you. –M. DeMarco, painter

Your book was a lifesaver! The writing exercises took away my fear and made a difference not just in my writing, but also in my work. I would have been lost and frustrated without it. –Lauren Simon, ceramic artist




Are You Open to Expanding Your Idea of
"Art Supplies" to Include
Professional Career Materials?

Helping Creative Professionals
present themselves and their work
with the right materials, at the right time,
to the right people:
The smARTist™Telesummit

Are you wondering…

  • How to "break in" after years on a day job?
  • Once you have a body of work, what's next?
  • If your resume, or lack thereof, can hold you back?
  • What kind of mistakes will label you amateur?
  • If your work can support you?
  • If more training will help, or drain your resources?
  • What a web site can really do for you? (...and what it can't!)
  • Now that you've created an art "product", how do you create a business?
  • Now that you've developed a business, how do you best present yourself?
  • How to develop & use your expertise for more income?
  • Which presentation materials give you the same credibility that great art supplies give your work?

Not to worry, you're in good company.

Launching a career or business in the arts
challenges the best in us.

Establishing a career or business in the arts
is just plain challenging!

There's so much you can do right, it's a shame to head down a dead-end alley, wasting chances for professional fulfillment, personal satisfaction, and the opportunity to light up a corner of the globe with your work. Wouldn't you agree?

Dr. Goodwin is professional and articulate, with amazing insights and creative career ideas. She takes the business pressure off of me, so I can concentrate on painting. And if I've had a bad day in the studio, her warmth and encouragement help me notice feelings I didn't realize I could identify, or even speak about. I feel really fortunate to have someone like this on my side. She speaks to me on so many levels. Thanks Ariane! –Olga Stamatiou, painter

There's not an artist, musician, dancer, performer, or creative professional I know, including myself, who does it alone. We can all use a little help. (In my case, it's often a LOT of help!)

Rest Easy... You CAN Do It!

With the right information, You Too Can Have
Professional Strategies & Presentation Materials
to alchemize your passion into professional gold.

Here are 2 Basic Ways to do just that.
My thought is that you check these out.

#1: Email me about coaching packages
(one-on-one, slower-climbing track)

#2: go to: smARTist™Telesummit
(faster “Do-it-Yourself-With-Help” track)

Numerous professionals have worked with and developed reliable methods for authentically putting their work in the world. Most of these methods easily transfer to artists... if they only knew about them!

The problem is, creative professionals hang out in a different universe.

When it comes to successful presentation and career or business strategies, most creatives have no idea about the reliable, easy approaches that other professions use all the time.

Here's One BIG Example:

Even the most prestigious art career book does not talk about "copywriting." But on the Web, writing copy for your site is the single, most critical component. It's the one that keeps you visible above the crowd.

Why? Don't people come to see your work?

Words trump images.

Now why would I say that?

Ever type in "artist statement" (which is only about words, right?) on a search engine? (Nope, this isn't the secret.) Up pops millions of hits. Millions!

And the majority of these are artist websites. But type in "artist" and what do you get? Not many artist websites, but websites with information for artists.

To make my point, I just tried Google and got three million, one hundred and ninety thousand (3,190,000) hits. Let's see... with 10 websites listed on each page... why, that's only 319,000 pages to look through. (You rarely go past page 3, you say?)

Now, imagine the thousands and thousands of artists on pages 20 through 319,000. Who's going to find them? Their family? Their friends? And how much of that traffic is going to translate into $$?

Let's go back to the 10 artists on the first page. Oops, not exactly. On this particular day, there are only 2 artists on the first page because... guess what?

I hold the first 3 spots! Out of ten web sites, I dominate the first page. (Go ahead, try it and see what I mean. Keep in mind - search engines continually update, so the order and number of times I appear will change. That said... I'm always on the first page, and more than once.)

Are you on the first page of any major search engine? What do I know that you don't... (or more important), that your web designer doesn't even know?

How on earth are you going to show up on that first page?

This problem comes under "Search Engine Strategy."

Now, what does this stuff have to do with your art? (Are your eyes crossing yet?)

You'd think a web designer would take care of this for you, but they also don't know all the tricks (and, yes... believe it or not, I have a simple solution that will put you at the top of a search engine every time! It's just one of the many ways that I've researched critical presentation and marketing information - in other fields - to help the Creative Professionals I work with.)

In the first session, the ideas you gave me have already been worth every penny, and more. I'm really energized and ready to see this journey to the end. –S. Pitts, watercolor artist

Wouldn't you like to know that you're starting out on the right foot? Making every one of your pennies count?

I have expertise in business. I ran my own company for 11 years before returning to grad school.

I have a doctorate in creative behavior. Believe it or not, there is research in this field that can help you.

And I'm sensitive to the artistic spirit. I had a fine art painter Mom, grandmother, and now a daughter. Sensitive? I'm positively soft wired...

I've integrate these areas of my life into 3 sensible coaching packages, created for committed artists who are ready to open up their professional options, improve their chances for fulfillment, and celebrate their creative energy in a global village.

Do you want to exhibit your work and sell to collectors and art lovers?

Or craft one-of-a-kind products for retail or wholesale markets?

Are you putting together a music CD? Your own performance?

What is it that really puts a buzz in your life? Juices up your professional energy circuits? Gets you high on your own creative roll?

Talking to Ariane is like opening a window on a beautiful day. With her sensitive listening skills, incredible insight and advice, she gave me the tools I needed to gain back the personal strength that I thought I'd lost. Now I'm painting in my studio with gusto and confidence. Thank you Ariane, you have a wonderful gift. –Elena du Plessis, artist

For all of this, you need commitment, passion, and professional information in 2 Key areas: Career or Business Strategy and Presentation Strategy. Usually, one comes before the other. But in some cases, clients arrive at my doorstep with bits and pieces in each area.

A very ambitious artist in Southern California came to me with her company in high gear. She had a name, a business plan, web site, her production space, her product developed, her marketing materials begun. So, why on earth would she need me?

She had a hunch, and was smart enough to trust herself, that she was missing critical information in all areas: her market niche, tag line, product rollout strategy, how to find her ideal customer, vision statement. Thank goodness she understood that as a professional, she needed another professional to bounce ideas back and forth, a professional who had a handle on the missing pieces.

After only one coaching session, she began to move faster than I could have imagined. She finished the 3-Month Career Strategy Package and all the pieces came together.

She identified her core audience, researched what they needed, turned around her "feature" oriented mindset to one of customer "benefits", refined her product line, found the help she needed to move forward, and now finds herself on solid creative ground (yup, I know, an oxymoron if ever there was one), both professionally and personally - her energy and passion for her art form are higher than ever, and the orders are flying in!

Unlike many areas of our lives, getting your professional act together is a matter of personal choice. And you don't have to struggle by yourself. A coach can help you frame your professional picture, so you can spend more time creating and less time worrying about what to do, with whom, and when.

When you choose the 3-Month Career Strategy Package, you'll have more than good art supplies in your grab bag; you'll have the confidence and credibility you need to alchemize your passion into professional gold.

I can, and will, adapt any of the following to your exact needs...

  • Develop career strategies so you can thrive.
  • Analyze, identify, & understand your core audience.
  • Identify the right places to exhibit and sell your work.
  • Create effective approaches for collectors, galleries & museums (or retail & wholesale outlets).
  • Put together a knock-out website and/or portfolio that serves a wide range of presentation requests.
  • Set up an effective business & administrative infrastructure.
  • Brainstorm (and pick my brain) for 2nd tier outlets for your work.
  • Maximize time for your art by...
    • Reviewing work space & implementing an Easy-Flow Process.
    • Prioritizing & organizing business details.
    • Identifying & setting up a support system that works.
    • Addressing what might get in your way (internal/external).
    • Establishing ongoing Accountability Now guidelines.
Where my business was, and where it is now, has changed dramatically due to Ariane's talent in directing, working with me on ideas, and her ability to help build foundations! She is sensitive to priorities, overload, and has helped me be less anxious and find balance. As for character, I love her honest, direct nature. She's quick, on the ball, listens, and is always there for suggestions or even a good laugh! I get excited knowing how much I've accomplished in such a short time. To sum it up...she is the best investment I could have ever made! –G. Dalsgaard, La Stella Lighting

And then, once you're riding the career pony, you can increase your chances to come in first with a follow-up coaching option:

The 3-Month Presentation Package helps you create a step-by-step promotional campaign designed for your work. This package will help you...

  • Research 1st & 2nd tier markets (galleries or customers) related to your core audience.
  • Identify and prioritize diverse presentation strategies with a Global awareness.
  • Build the right approach to engage your audience.
  • Create compelling, authentic presentation materials.
  • Develop the two, most critical windows to showcase your work:
    • Your web site
    • Your portfolio
  • Learn the basic techniques for a lifetime of free publicity.

With both packages, you will have all the basics you need to move forward with confidence and credibility - in just six months!

(If you're like most artists, and can't imagine retiring from what you love, you may have 40, 50, or more professional years left! Stack that up with 1/2 of 1 year to get the rest of your professional life off to a sound start! What could possibly be the down side?)

Wow! This is fantastic. The documents for my application are uniform, intelligent and have a personal touch. Working with you was energetic, comfortable, and encouraging. I'm so glad I found you! I highly recommend you to anyone stuck on any part of their career. –Bruce Fowler, sculptor

Time to relax. With a spirited, savvy coach by your side, you won't have to wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat or a hot flash. (Or if you do, we'll set it right immediately!)

No matter how independent you are, having someone by your side with a professional eye just makes sense.

Isn't it time to put the same attention you spend on art supplies into polishing the professional touches, so your artwork gets a chance to
If Ariane can help me look this good, imagine what she can do for you! –Jerry Crowe, wood artist

When you make a commitment, I make a commitment: to coach you to the top of your dream mountain, watch out for stumbling blocks and drop-offs along the way, secure you to the best technologies & creative ideas, hand you oxygen and trail mix when you need it, and help you strengthen your personal *moxie and professional muscles for the exhilarating view at the top.

*moxie (n) - courage combined with inventiveness

P.S. Getting help has never been so easy!

Just pick your path:

#1: Email me about coaching packages
(one-on-one, slower-climbing track)

#2: go to: smARTist™Telesummit
(faster “Do-it-Yourself-With-Help” track)

As basic as good art supplies:
Give yourself the Best Presentation & Career Resources an artist can find...


Isn't it your time to


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