What would it take for you to think
about your artist statement
like you think about your art supplies?

  • A $10,000 grant?
  • A full time teaching position where you work on your own projects too?
  • An upscale gallery dying to show your work, but they want an artist statement?
  • A commission proposal for a very wealthy collector, but she's not quite on board?
Would you like Help Writing the Impossible?

Imagine. An upscale gallery in Chelsea has just accepted your work, but there's a curve ball: they want an artist statement. As a fellow artist, may I take a wild guess at what flies through your mind?

I may be completely wrong here, but my hunch is that you are not racing through the house gathering up pen and paper, total ecstasy on your face.

  • Does the idea tie your stomach in knots?
  • Do you dread facing a blank page, pen in hand, no clue where to start?
  • Do you scoff at the idea that mere words can ever measure up to the indescribable essence of what you do?
  • How many artist statements have you read that are downright embarrassing?
  • Do you think spending money on art supplies would be a better investment?
  • Do you suddenly find yourself flipping through an art supply catalog instead?

Well, you're in good company. When it's a toss up between art supplies and an artist statement, it's not even a draw because...

Writing an Artist Statement is One of the Most Daunting Tasks We Are Asked To Do.

Whether you are an artist, musician, dancer, or performer, telling the world how you do what you do - never mind writing why - is really, really tough. And up to this moment, we've all had to wing it.

Rest Easy... now You CAN Do It!
The artist statement sounds great. I like the way you included the new material I sent, especially your phrasing: "Intuition informs what reason shapes." With my words, you've captured the essence of my work. –O. Stamatiou, painter

Here are 2 sensible options that should be in your professional Art Supply Kit.

Option One: You can't stand to write, you have no idea where to begin, and now you have a deadline for a show!

  • You need a writer who's an expert in artist statements.
  • One who has developed a full proof, 7-step method for getting artists to talk about their work and shape it into the perfect statement.
  • Tailored for where it's going: Grant proposal? Gallery? Collector? Article? Web site? Retail? Commissioned work? Interview? Juried contest?
  • And in your words!
Working with Ariane enabled me to distill random thoughts and feelings about what I do into an artist statement that illuminates and complements my work. –Lydia Grey, ceramic artist

Option Two: "I'll do it myself!"

  • Are you one of those people who changes the oil in your car?
  • Do you get satisfaction from tackling a challenge and coming out on top - especially if you have the right guide?
  • Is the process as important to you as the product?
  • If someone gives you a step-by-step method, from soup to nuts, are you happier going it alone? <
  • Would you like to end up with an artist statement plus a fresh perspective of your work?

Then add this new resource to your art supplies:

The first and only book designed just for artists...
  With lots of white space
    Direct, engaging writing
      No padding, no redundancy
        Just easy-on-the-eyes information!

From beginning to end, your book was easy to follow and understand. –Bruce Fowler, sculptor

When you hold this book in your hands, you can relax. Here are proven solutions to help you succeed. Writing the Artist Statement immediately reduces writing anxiety and shows you, finally, how good a statement can be...

My artistic partner is dyslexic, with a real writing phobia. Your book is a fantastic teaching aid. The floodgates have opened and made him realize that he can write. What a godsend! –J. Brett, London, UK

...even as it increases your chances for success by applying one of the most consistent principles of human nature:

No matter who we are, we all love the personal touch.

When you write a compelling artist statement, it builds on this basic, human need with a satisfying bridge of connection between your audience and your art.

My new artist statement is a reflection of myself and the emotional soul of my work. When people read it, they have access to an emotional connection that helps prospective clients feel more connected to what I do, making it easier to consider a commission or purchase. –N. Ohnmacht, sculptor

And even more compelling, writing an artist statement takes you on a journey into the heart and soul of your artwork. The thoroughly researched and tested exercises in Writing the Artist Statement have the power to deepen your own understanding of what you do.

Writing the artist statement focused my connection to my art in a new way. The whole process primed me, gave me a sense of direction. Now, when I'm faced with choosing what to paint out of hundreds of photographs, understanding what moves me, this core place of nostalgia, gives me the reference point I need. –R. McMurray
Pres. of the Federation of Canadian Artists

And don't let the nay sayers fool you. Artist statements get a bad rap because they're badly written!

And they are badly written because most artists haven't a clue where to start, or what an artist statement is!

You know about your art materials and supplies, right? So how hard can it be to learn about artist statements?

The truth is: a compelling statement engages collectors and buyers. But no one is talking about this because they're just not sure! Up to now, there haven't been enough really good artist statements (and a whole lot of lousy ones) to run the numbers.

It's artists like DeMarco who are coming up with nitty gritty information to shift an out-of-date prejudice against artist statements.

I recently sold 3 paintings! My statement is having immediate results, which I never anticipated. One buyer told me that my artist statement made her realize she needed to purchase one of my works! Again, thank you. –M. DeMarco, painter

The real culprit is not the idea of artist statements, but poorly written ones from suspicious artists who don't understand how, what, or why.

Or worse, from artists who haven't cultivated enough professional awareness to grasp a prime truth: the bridge between success and audience - in any profession! - is built by connecting in as many ways as possible!

Artists who get it, know this: presenting an authentic, articulate statement helps you gain influence and authority, even as it expands the impact of your work.

It just makes sense. We respond to different kinds of information, which correspond to different areas of our brain: visual, auditory, tactile, written, etc.

A written artist statement reinforces people's memory of you by associating your work with more than the visual area of their brain. It answers a critical, unspoken need in the viewer's psyche: who did this?

We humans, by our nature, crave more connection, not less.

Writing an artist statement is one of the quickest, most guaranteed methods to establish a more intimate connection to art collectors and art patrons - for all disciplines.

If you like going it alone... If you want to work on a new skill, and grow new, neural dendrites in your brain, then get the book Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work.

Without a doubt, this resource reveals all the "must-have" ingredients you need to write a sophisticated statement.

And best of all, you don't even have to like to write.

In fact, you don't have to write at all. Now you have access to an expert who specializes in writing artist statements.

  • If you want a statement and you want it now...
  • If you can't imagine what on earth you have to say about your work...
  • If you think writing ranks right up there with cleaning the bathroom... then, talk to me.
  • If you love to write... but not about your art!

...then, I'll write it for you. Yup! And it's perfectly legit. I've perfected a unique, 7-Step interview process just for artists at war with words. If I do my job right, your artist statement will sound like I took the words right out of your mouth. (Which is exactly what I do!)

Like constructing a puzzle, I ask, listen, and then put the pieces together - with your words! Your essence! Your authentic voice! Your statement! The only difference is... you speak it and I write it.

The artist statement sounds great! I like the way you included the new material I sent, especially your phrasing: "Intuition informs what reason shapes." You've captured the essence of my work. –O. Stamatiou, painter

But if you're dying for a whole learning experience, then go with the book, Writing the Artist Statement. I put a lot of time and thought into developing easy, spirited writing exercises that anyone can master.

I've pulled together years of information - from my research on highly creative people, to my work with galleries, artists, and my national workshops - to pass along the secrets of writing an artist statement.

This book is motivating and reassuring. It provides an easy, workable approach that removes the barriers to writing an artist statement. It is a great addition to any artist's reference library. –R. H. McMurray, painter

Writing the Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work is the essential resource for all visual, performing, music, and mixed media artists.

Pragmatic and engaging, Writing the Artist Statement reveals the intimate power of authentic, emotional connection.

This book is destined to become one of the most valuable, and delightful, art resource books in your studio and on your desk.

Ariane's writing is like honey for bees. When she turns a phrase, it all but stands on its head! –Judy Phillips, Archival Center Director
Writing your artist statement has never been so easy!

P.S. So, go ahead; expand your Art Supply Kit.

  • Want an extended learning experience? Get the book.
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