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How Artists Can Sell More Artwork
through Online & Offline Publicity

Ariane Goodwin, Writer & Artist Coach
interviews Joan Stewart, The Publicity Hound

70 min CD of nitty-gritty strategies
(Plus written transcript available )

When Joan spoke at the smARTist Telesummit, and artists were scribbling down notes like mad, we all knew she was just warming up.

45 minutes – then - was not enough time to pick her brains. And I wanted you to have it all.

So Joan agreed to a follow up interview. (Lucky us!)

Because Joan is outside the art world, she brings you the reality of what it takes to break into the media

Besides being the top free publicity expert on the web, Joan is also a media relations consultant and professional speaker.

She shows artists how to use the media to establish credibility, enhance their reputation, position themselves as professionals, and sell more art.

And she packs so much information into one sentence that it leaves you spinning with inspiration.

In this CD you will learn:

  • Why it's more difficult for artists to generate free publicity…and what artists can do to change it
  • Why artists who market aggressively leave other artists in the dust
  • How a California artist rakes in the revenue by selling her artwork online…any other artist can do it too
  • Where an artist should start a publicity campaign…following this one tip will save you hundreds of hours of aggravation
  • The two best ways to research media where you want coverage, and the surprising gold nuggets you might uncover that will help open the door to journalists
  • The one thing you must do before you pitch an idea to a magazine…most people don't bother with this step. But those who do get the publicity.
  • Where to look in every magazine you want to get into for valuable clues about what topics and trends the magazine considers important
  • A media outlet that's perfect for artists who sell artwork to local or national companies
  • The kind of information to gather when researching your media contacts
  • 7 examples of great story ideas about artists the media would love…including one that doesn't have anything to do with art
  • What you should be willing to talk about that most other artists aren't…journalists will really pay attention
  • An unconventional story idea one of Ariane's friends pitches that would make a great business story
  • Why limiting your market to collectors limits not only your revenue but your publicity opportunities
  • How to pitch your idea on the phone…and how many seconds it should take so you don't waste your time or a journalist's
  • 2 rules to follow if you're emailing a pitch so journalists are more inclined to read it
  • A great way to piggyback your story idea onto a story the publication already has covered
  • How artists can help each other generate publicity…there's power in numbers!
  • Why blogging is so valuable to a publicity campaign
  • How to communicate with bloggers so they're inclined to write about you
  • How to find bloggers who write about your type of artwork
  • Other rules of the blogsphere you must follow, so you don't look like a nerd
  • Why posting comments at other people's blogs can drive more traffic to your website
  • The other big reason why posting comments can help you
  • How a popular social networking website helps more artists make a living selling their artwork--and how it can help you, too
  • How a particular artist uses this site to sell artwork for as much as $1,000, even though his artwork is no bigger than a postcard
  • How to use online video to generate interest in your pottery, art, clothing or anything else you create
  • Why Joan loves Craigslist for artists…and 5 ways artists can use the list to sell more artwork and grow their business
  • Another way to build a huge online presence and end up on other people's websites and blogs without even knowing it…thus driving more traffic to your website
  • How writing direct-to-consumer press releases can help sell your artwork even if journalists don't cover you
  • Where to learn how to write and distribute these kinds of press releases--for FREE
  • The value of including an environmental photo in your press kit
  • Examples and tips for shooting environmental photos so you look your best
  • Mandatory items for your press kit…and the one big mistake you shouldn't make
  • Optional items you can include in the kit…these will help journalists cover you
  • The difference between a press kit and an online media room
  • What you must know about scanning photos and posting them on your website…this too will make it easier for journalists to cover you
  • Joan's pet peeve about website home pages…and why this one mistake can cost you a media interview
  • Her Number One best piece of advice on how to manage a publicity campaign…this will reduce frustration and save time
  • Why you shouldn't get rattled when you hear the word "no" from a journalist and what "no" really means

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