The book has been great fun. I did the exercises with a group of friends and we saw so much inspiration in each other and ourselves. It was quite surprising.–Penelope Sienna, Australia


I recently sold 3 paintings! My statement is having immediate results, which I never anticipated. One buyer told me that my artist statement made her realize she needed to purchase one of my works! Again, thank you. –M. DeMarco, painter

Your book was a lifesaver! The writing exercises took away my fear and made a difference not just in my writing, but also in my work. I would have been lost and frustrated without it. –Lauren Simon, ceramic artist





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Gifted by life and hard work, artists illuminate our world. But if this work is not in the world and of the world, the candle sputters and dies. Learning the business of art keeps the artist, and the art, shining for us all. –Ariane

Hi, I’m Ariane Goodwin, author of Writing The Artist Statement: Revealing the True Spirit of Your Work.
I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of artists at all levels of accomplishment, from emerging to “arrived,” helping them develop successful presentation materials and strategies to get their work in front of the right people.

Where my business was, and where it is today, has changed dramatically due to Ariane's coaching talent in directing and working with me on ideas, and her ability to help build foundations! She is the best investment I could have ever made! –G. Dalsgaard, glass artist

If you feel ready to move your career forward, then this is the right place to be.

Dr. Goodwin is professional and articulate, with amazing insights and creative career ideas. She takes the business pressure off of me so I can concentrate on painting. –Olga Stamatiou, painter

I offer 2 Basic Ways To Expand Your ‘Art Supply Kit.’ My thought is that you check these out.

In the first session, the ideas you gave me have already been WORTH EVERY PENNY, AND MORE. I'm really energized and ready to see this journey to the end. –Sharon Pitts, watercolor artist

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